NordVPN review 2019 | *Amazing VPN service for only $2.99*

I review VPNs for a living, been doing so for years. I come across all sorts of VPNs all the time, from the absolute best just like Surfshark VPN Review to the absolute worst, I’ve seen it all.

And while the internet is filled with a cheap proxy like VPN services, often times you can stumble upon something really well made.

NordVPN is one of those services. It’s unlike any other VPN I’ve tried in a really long time.

I mean, it has the largest server park (5000+) in the entire industry, it managed to offer 70+Mpbs streaming speeds in my Netflix test, which if you don’t know, is more than enough for Ultra HD picture quality.

Speaking of speeds, NordVPN also managed to offer consistent 5Mbps+ speeds in my torrenting test.

It managed to do all of that without leaking my IP or DNS, which is really impressive.

But enough of that. Let’s dig in a bit deeper and check out all the amazing features NordVPN has to offer which I had covered in NordVPN review of 2019.


Is NordVPN a good value for money?

Yes! I mean, why not?

Considering all the amazing features which should be in the best VPN to buy, all are available in NordVPN which will be discussed later on in this review, NordVPN absolutely offers the most bang for your buck.

Making their service appealing to a wider user base, they’ve made their pricing plans ultra-affordable.

At the moment they offer four (4) subscription plans, 1-month, 1-year, 2-year, and a 3-year plan.

Now, their 1-month plan is a bit expensive and I really see no value in it, however, rest of their subscription plans are not only cheap but also come with significant discounts.

Take a look at their pricing below:

  • 1-month – $11.95 a month with no discounts
  • 1-year – $6.99 a month with 41% discount
  • 2-year – $3.99 a month with 66% discount
  • 3-year – $2.99 a month with 75% discount

Their 3- year plan offers the most value in my opinion but you can go with any subscription plan you like.

If you’re still a bit iffy about NordVPN, why not check out 7-day NordVPN free trial.


NordVPN User reviews

NordVPN is a heck of an amazing VPN service. After using their service for a week, I for one am totally sold over NordVPN.

But enough of what I think, let’s check out what other users have to say about NordVPN.

Taking a look at their Trustpilot account, NordVPN has an average 3-star rating.


From 317 user reviews, 53% rated NordVPN as “Excellent”.


Naturally, the service also has some negative reviews. In fact, 27% users on Trustpilot have rated NordVPN as “Bad”.


Overall they have pretty decent user reviews.

Having that said, I found one review on Trustpilot that was really bizarre. Basically, a user by the name of Andrew claimed that NordVPN doesn’t cancel your account.

However, I personally did not experience anything like that. In fact, when I claimed a refund for my testing account, NordVPN refunded me my complete amount within 2 weeks.



NordVPN review based on Reddit

Now let’s check out what Reddit has to say about NordVPN.

Taking a look at a recent thread on Reddit, NordVPN has pretty good reviews overall. In fact, the original comment by the username “u/importanterthanyou” has around 66% upvotes.

Take a look at some Reddit comments below:

A Redditor user by the name of “tstcman” mentioned that they liked NordVPN so much that they got a 4-year subscription of their service.

Reddit also had some negative comments about NordVPN.

One Reddit user by the username “zerocoldx911” commented that NordVPN no longer works with Netflix. However, in my test, NordVPN performed exceptionally well.


NordVPN In-depth review


So far we have discussed NordVPN’s pricing plans and user reviews.

Now it’s time to check out NordVPN’s servers, logging policy, device compatibility, customer support and finally its technical features.

So without further ado, let’s get right to NordVPN review.


Speed and server network

Server situation of NordVPN is on another level. In fact, NordVPN boasts the largest server park in the entire VPN industry.

At the moment, NordVPN has around 5000+ servers in 62 countries across the globe. That’s seriously impressive. I’ve never seen a VPN provider offer this many serves.

Their server coverage is also pretty impressive. They offer about 449 servers in the Asia Pacific, 2281 in the Americas, 2424 servers in Europe and 60 servers for Africa, the Middle East and India ·


More servers and more diverse locations certainly offer better speeds for streaming, gaming, torrenting and overall browsing.

Now, having a huge arsenal of serves is all fine and dandy. Let’s see how NordVPN fares against some real-world speed tests.

For testing purposes, I used my 100Mbps office internet connection.

Here is the speed test result without NordVPN running:

Keeping things concise for this review, I’m only going to perform the speed test on the U.K, U.S, and Canadian servers.


First up, let’s check out the speeds of the U.S servers.


U.S server (Miami, FL)

The U.S server of NordVPN managed to offer straight up impressive upload and download speeds.  To test the speeds, I connected to a server in Miami, FL.

Ping was considerably low, only maxing in at about 14ms.


Upload and download speeds were also pretty consistent. After enabling NordVPN, I managed to get about 75Mbps download and 80.6 upload speeds.

Pretty impressive overall…


U.K server (London)

Now, let’s check out the speeds of the U.K server.

To perform the speed test, I connected to a NordVPN server in London.

After connecting, I did notice quite a considerable drop in my speeds.

On my 100Mbps internet connection, I only managed to get about 54.9Mbps download and 6.67 upload speeds.


Ping was also much higher this time, maxing in at 19ms.


Canada server (Toronto, ON)

NordVPN’s Canadian server, on the other hand, managed to offer much better speeds, in fact just as good as their U.S server.

To test the speeds on the Canadian server, I connected to a NordVPN server in Toronto, ON.

Here are the results as per my NordVPN review:

Ping: 15ms

Download: 76Mbps

Upload: 79.7Mbps


Overall, I’m highly impressed by the speeds of NordVPN.


NordVPN Data logging policy

NordVPN claims to offer a strict No Data logging policy.

They also claim to be headquartered in the jurisdiction of Panama.

Technically speaking, this does mean they don’t log user data; however, you can never be too sure.

Let’s deconstruct their data logging policy and see if they truly don’t collect user data.

First up, I must say their dedicated logging policy page is very well summarized and easy to comprehend. You don’t have to scour through their privacy policy just to find out what information they collect and don’t collect.

Within their privacy policy, it is clearly mentioned that:

  • NordVPN strictly keeps no logs of your activity online.
  • They do not track the time or duration of an online session,
  • They do not keep logs of IP addresses, servers used, websites visited or files downloaded.


Pretty much they don’t log any secure inbound and outbound user data.

Aside from that, they also mention that they operate away from the jurisdiction of EU and U.S.


That said, they do collect Google Analytics data to improve their products user experience.

They genuinely don’t log user data.

Here’s the link to their privacy policy just in case you want to check it out for yourself.

Devices, OS and Apps supported


Compatibility wise, NordVPN is excellent.

Aside from offering support for mobile and desktop devices, NordVPN also offers a dedicated app for Android TV.

Here’s the list of all the devise NordVPN currently supports:

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Android TV
  • Linux
  • Chrome
  • Firefox

That’s not all! If you check out the “View other platforms” section on their website, you’ll see support for a whole bunch of other devices such as BlackBerry, Raspberry Pi, EdgeRouter etc.

However, bear in mind these devices need to be manually configured in order to work with NordVPN.

So far I’m really impressed by NordVPN.


Customer Support

Their customer support is also quite remarkable.

The support representative not only politely greeted me but also immediately responded to my query.

It really felt like I was talking to a professional instead of some bot.

Here a screenshot of the chat I had with their customer support:


Aside from their live chat support, I also really like the support section on their website.

It’s filled with detailed installation guide, getting started documentation and even general info.

Very handy if you’re a newbie.

Overall, really impressed by their customer support.


Technical security features

Even though NordVPN is relatively cheaper than some of the VPN’s in industry, it still doesn’t cheap out on features.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the most noteworthy features of NordVPN.

  • IP masking: Yes
  • Netflix compatible: Yes
  • Two types of Kill-switch: Yes
  • 6 simultaneous connections: Yes
  • DoubleVPN: Yes
  • DNS Leak Protection: Yes
  • Smart Play: Yes
  • Onion Over VPN: Yes
  • OpenVPN among various other tunnelling protocols: Yes

Starting off with the Kill switch feature and I must say it works as advertised.

I really the fact that they give you two type of Kill switches, one of terminating specific apps and the other for disabling your entire internet connection.

The DNS Leak Protection features didn’t disappoint me either. I ran various leak tests on NordVPN using and it came out clean every time.

Simultaneous connections also worked. I managed to pretty much install NordVPN on all six (6) of my devices.

The Double VPN feature is also pretty handy. Basically, if you want to encrypt your network traffic twice, this feature is perfect for you.

You might find it useful for torrenting. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for users with slow internet connections.

Privacy-wise, NordVPN offers military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, industry benchmark protocols such as OpenVPN, IKEv2 among others.

But out of all the features, Smart Play has to be my favourite. Basically, this feature gives you access to hundreds of geo-restricted streaming services.

I managed to unblock Netflix, Amazon Prime and even BBC iPlayer.


Overall, I’m really impressed by the features of NordVPN. It’s truly a powerhouse of a service.


Final verdict!

So, do I recommend NordVPN? Absolutely!

They offer thousands of servers, powerful features and a true no data logging policy.

Best of all, NordVPN is super affordable to own.

It’s really hard to find VPNs that offers so many features for only $2.99 a month.

So, what do you guys think about it after reading the detailed NordVPN review of 2019? Do you think it’s worth getting? Let me know in the comments below.

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