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BuyBestVPN is the brainchild of Ray William. Ever since the infamous case of Edward Snowden’s surfaced in 2013, Ray felt the need to continue Snowden’s legacy through BuyBestVPN.

The purpose of this site is to test, review and write 100% honest reviews of the best VPNs in the industry. In this age of mass surveillance, BuyBestVPN aspires to help you choose the right VPN for your needs.


Affiliate disclosure might sometimes be affiliated with VPN provider’s reviewed on this site. Clicking on any affiliate link on the website will result in a small commission for Buybestvpn.

Buybestvpn strives to ensure all content on this site is unbiased, accurate and most of all, up to date. That said, we are all humans and mistakes are inevitable.  Therefore, you as our reader are responsible to verify the details before considering any VPN service. The user agrees that is not responsible for any discrepancy. In case you do ponder upon any inaccurate information, you are more than welcome to contact us ( and we will take care of the rest.